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We appreciate your interest in our services. Before registering your account, we kindly request that you review our Terms and conditions,
Which include privacy and refund policies.

You can deploy your online projects in real-time without needing to exchange international currency.
* Student must be verified your location and Student ID with NID/Passport/Birth Certificate.
* Account Opening Process -> OTP via Mobile & Email -> Paying 20TK via bKash is required for payment verification, which is refundable.
When the account is cancelled, we will refund 20TK via the recipient's bKash account.

Our Members Register/Holder is required to declare that:
The Holder will not violate intellectual property rights by registering and/or using the domain name in any way.

Registering the domain name is a privilege granted to registered members.

The Holder will not use the domain name for any unlawful purposes.

Dedicatd Web Hosting (Hosting.Exchange) does not tolerate abuse (spam, phishing, malware, porn, etc.) on our network. Should you notice any website with our 3DL domain extentions performing illegal or network abuse activities, please take a minute to Report Abuse properly! We appreciate your assistance!

Daily service fees of 1TK or 2TK are solely designed to make it easy to access everything necessary to develop as a tech developer, nothing else. Since 1999, we have been involved in the tech industry.

It should be noted that 1TK or 2TK daily is only a small part of our service fees. Establishing a responsible relationship with our members is our goal, not much more. However, BD.Team/ project consistently exceeds minimum €12K each year.

While we acknowledge the additional information required for account creation, it serves as a vital security measure to protect your identity. Any reports of illegal or abusive activities will be promptly shared with the appropriate authorities, such as the Bangladesh Police Cyber Security Unit or Crime Division.

We promise that your personal information will be handled with the highest level of confidentiality. Only your full name or company name will be displayed on Whois Records during the duration of domain ownership.

Our experience working with DMP during the active Islamic Call Center 24x7 from 2010-2013 is being utilized. The importance of respecting legalities, especially those outlined by the Bangladesh Police or any other relevant jurisdiction, is highlighted by us.

BD.Team is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-commercial, and non-political project, driven by corporate social responsibility in tech development (.techdeveloper). We invite you to collaborate with us, envisioning the creation of a new generation of tech developers. Let us work together, in-sha-Allah, to ensure the responsible use of our services.

You have an opportunity to cooperate with us. Let us work together, In-sha-Allah, to ensure the responsible use of our services.

We are grateful for your time and commitment to this project.

Transparent and Fair use:
During your registration timeline, you are responsible for all content within your registered domain.
Our services aim to make it easy for Student without any Foreign Currency Exchange to create your IoT projects, simple database, (WP) Wordpress theme/plugins development, Online projects, portfolio or project showcase fully prohibited any commercial or news portal activity on student package.

Domain Name Renewals and Expiration Policy:
After 15 days, the expired domain will be available. You have the right to renew it for 14 days, otherwise you will lose your ownership.

We provide also 30-day money-back guarantee but please give us your reason so we can improve our services for the next generation and address any issues on our part.

We have the authority to cancel any services within 90 days from the reminder
If there is any abuse or unlawful behavior, we will immediately cancel your membership.
BD.Team's member also have the right to cancel your account at any time.

Activation your Membership:
All accounts are manually verified, therefore it takes 24-72 hours for your account to be activated. After that, you can create your domain and host it in real-time.

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